Wedding Scrapbook

Just finished loading the pictures of my wedding scrapbook.  I love pictures so I tend to use a lot of them in my layouts...you will find many little books, flips, pockets, tags, collages, and so on so that I can fit my pictures.  I will do a write up on my blog later to explain more about some individual pages and techniques.  I just started my blog so I am just trying to get some projects I have already done on here so I can start sharing :) Please check it out!  CLICK HERE TO SEE INSIDE!

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  1. hi melissa thank you for visiting our blog, you are a very creative person!love your things, i use to make cards a while back but gave it up due to time constraints, and now i have ventured into cake decorating. Plaese leave your opnions on the cakes, woud be much appreciated,
    from Najma


Comments really let me know that I'm not just talking to myself here...Thank you!


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