My Front Yard

So a big project I am working on is re-landscaping the front yard.  My "style" is Grecian.  I love the Italian feel and am excited to move that from the house to the garden also.  Our backyard is just dirt right now and we hope to turn it into something just as awesome, but we have to start with the front yard for now.

So far, we have gotten a sandbox (yard sale deal!), a bench (awesome Christmas gift last year), and some pots. I have planted a couple of things in the pots including some things that have failed and some that are not in season right now.  My herbs, for example, started to flourish in the fall, but are now brown and I just clipped them down.  There is a small red rose bush, some white flowers, some big leaf plant (I wish I knew the names, sorry!!!), another more straight growing leafy plant, and my special Ivy.  The Ivy I got when my husband and I were first married and I cared for it and got it going so big and long when we lived in an apartment, but when we moved into our house about a year ago it wasn't very happy.  I am excited to report though that the one strand left after the crazy heat last summer has two new sprouts though!  Grow Baby Grow!

We also bought a few things for the front beds.  There was originally a huge mess of prickly flowers and spider attracting ground cover--so I tore that stuff out and now there are a few Dwarf English Boxwoods (little bushes) that will eventually turn into a 1-2 foot hedge.  My father-in-law bought us the incredible fountain you see in the pictures.  The sprouts in the dirt are (hopefully!) some Forget-Me-Not flowers I seeded about two months ago.  I am a little worried they didn't take and I actually have weeds...but if not they should eventually be a ground cover for the entire dirt area and in Spring we should see little blue flowers.  Lastly, we got a Weeping Cherry Tree.  It is super beautiful and I am so excited for it to grow taller.

Most recent additions: Ok, we gave up on putting water in the fountain--we couldn't get it leveled just right so the water wouldn't come out correctly and the water was evaporating so fast we would have to water the fountain along with the potted plants!!  But, more excitement, we are turning it into a flower garden.  We planted six kinds of flowers in the base and top bowl and hopefully we'll see some action in a few weeks.  Secondly, my herb garden was looking so sad so I bought some lettuce seeds to grow in there.  Also, my friend Alison had some extra seeds from her veggie garden and so I planted some bell peppers and welp I can't think of the other thing...I will tell you later like a surprise...

So stay tuned and I will let you know how the seedlings do and if I really do just have a bunch of weeds growing...And if you have any advice, please leave a comment and let me know :)

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