More Seeds Popping Through!

I forgot to share yesterday about my veggies and how they'd been growing...I remembered the other thing I planted too!  So I have lettuce seeds, the bell peppers, and EGGPLANT!  Ha, well I checked and the lettuce seeds are doing so well.  I have a ton of little guys popping up!  Nothing on the peppers or eggplant yet, but it's still early since I planted them.  And since I am posting about those--I had to take a few more pics of my fountain because so many little guys are there!  Yea!  Success!  There is something so fulfilling about putting a seed in the ground, putting water and it, and something coming to life!  It's so crazy!  Oh, and I was reading about pruning herbs and I thought it was good info and wanted to share!!!  I guess you don't have to prune back your herbs, but they could eventually split and flop over if you don't.  It's best to do in the early spring when you start getting new growth and you can prune again after you start seeing flowering.  But--don't prune too late or you might encourage it to grow when it's trying to go dormant for the winter.  As far as how much to prune away: Remove dead or broken wood when you see the herb start to come back.  Shrubby herbs (I have rosemary, thyme, sage...) don't need it unless they've become overgrown.  Soft perennials (I have some oregano) gets cut back by half.  However, if you didn't cut back any of the flowers when it was in bloom (whoops!), cut it back up to a leafy point no more than 1/3 down the plant.  Hope you guys enjoy!
Lettuce Seeds:
Cute Shadow Huh?!

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  1. If you will pinch the center out of the stem on the herbs occasionally they will send out two shoots and in a month or two pinch each of those and it keeps them bushy and the plus is you get to use what you pinch off! :)


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