Number 3

 We counted out three animal crackers and then ATE THEM! 
 I printed the shapes and numbers we are learning and laminated the paper. Then we made the shapes and colors we have learned out of play-dough using the paper as a guide.
 We did some writing practice:
 And some grouping:



 A little bit of a review:
 Nehemiah categorizes the letters/numbers into the correct spot by stamping.  Elijah just stamps onto his page and I talk to him about each letter/number to remind him what it is (he follows with a tantrum).
 At least Isaiah is happy!
 We also keep all our letters/numbers we've done up on a board to look at. Our shapes are pinned to the wall near this too.



Bible Verses

 Working with Nehemiah (3) to learn some Bible verses. So far we have two down (from an A-Z Bible verse list). We say them before bed and I try to work with him when I think of it and he has already picked these two up. It is pretty adorable and humbling when he says them! Elijah and I are working on "Jesus Loves Me" (song).


Letter Cc

 Art Projects and hands-on (lots--it was a rough week for concentration!):
We did a few worksheets too...but I will skip boring you with pics of those since the boys weren't really into them either!


Number 2

 Practiced grouping of two and some tracing. Writing two was really hard for N. 
 We also continued in our sticker book.


Matchbook Favor

And the last thing I wanted to share from my discoveries as I cleaned out my keepsake box: this really cool wedding favor. It's so simple, but sooo cute! You would trim a piece of cardstock to the desired size, staple the bottom, do a decorative punch on the corners, then add your die cut square and flowers. The name of the couple is printed from the computer before cutting and the ribbon is tied on last. Inside there is a little bag of coordinating colored m&ms. This would be a cute addition to a scrapbook page too or you could switch it up and make it fit for even a kid's birthday party.


Scissor Practice

 Part of preschool is I also have to teach N how to use scissors.  I found a few worksheets online that are for scissor practice. N started off not grasping this concept at all, but after a week of practicing has gotten better. He really likes cutting pieces up into little itty bitty bits though...
 Isaiah hangs out with us as N cuts!
 N and E later find the scissors and destroy a mini-book we made together...


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