Scripture Organization Box

 Here's a way to go over verses and memorize them on your own or with your family (through homeschooling or otherwise). In a 3X5 index card holder label the following on some index cards: Daily, Odd, Even, Days of the Week (Monday--Sunday), and the numbers 1-31. You won't start off with a verse in every spot, but you would eventually read at least four verses every day.  You would read one verse from the "Daily" tab, one from the "Odd/Even" category (depending on if it's an odd or even numbered day: March 2nd is even, March 3rd is odd), another verse from the "Day of Week", and one from the "Number of the Month". When you feel ready with the verse, you move it further in box. The closer to the front, the more often you will be reading it. 
I wrote my verses on index cards and started sticking them in my tabs and I was excited about this new structure, but I will say with my three little ones I was forgetting to bring my box out every day. I am planning on holding onto my Scripture box and do this when we are more consistent with homeschooling. For now, I have taped verses around the house to read to the kids when we a near them--we have several near time-out. I hope you find this helpful and inspiring though!



 Heart Play-Doh time with our heart mat & cookie cutters.
 Hearts made from the boys' hand prints.
 Heart tracing & shapes also enforced at our HGO.


Shapes HGO

 We start off with some shape sorting toys while we wait for the other mommies to arrive, but it turns out everyone's sick, so we start sorting our circle shapes onto the matching color plate.
 Alison talks to the boys about some shape matching on worksheets. The boys were really wild and did not want to sit and do work, but we encouraged them to listen even if they don't feel like it. (So I guess they learned about shapes and some behavioral stuff too this day...I originally didn't want to homeschool my kids because of issues like this, but the behavioral stuff is soooo much more important than shapes! We have a long way to go, but I love this process of shaping my boys' hearts.)
Alison has a cool shapes poster hanging from the chalkboard. She goes through all the shapes with the pointer and has the kids repeat the shape back to her. Then she points to a shape and has them say what it is. Then she says, "who can find the triangle?" and if they are sitting nice, raising their hand, they get to use the pointer and show her. 
 She read a book called Mouse Shapes and the boys ate rectangle crackers and circle blueberries.
 Alison had made cut outs of the shapes and put them in a little baggie for each child. As Alison called out a shape, the child looked in the baggie to find it, and raised it up into the air to show her. Each time they got more food...hehe.
 We walked down to the park and painted with shape cookie cutters. It worked really well and they were excited to pour glitter over their shapes when they finished.
 Lastly, we played this really fun running game. The kids stood at one end with cones and at the other end was more cones and a bunch more shapes cut out. Alison would blow her whistle and call out a shape. The kids would run to the other end and find the shape she had called, holding it up into the air. They would put it back down and she would blow the whistle again for them to run back to the starting point. They did this for about 20-30 min!


Number 11

 Play-Doh time with our NOTW. We use a cookie cutter to imprint the number talking about how it's a "1" and then do the "1" again! We also make snakes to put on our number one play-doh mats.
 My 3 year old practices writing his number of the week. He is getting much better at his fine motor skills putting those 11 stickers into his sticker book and I think the 2 year old is catching on as well. 


Letter Kk

 K for Kix!
 The boys are doing so much better with glue than when we first started. We have days where they don't follow any directions, but they are getting better at it! (Which gave me time to get a few cute shots of my baby swiping the cereal...he is so stinkin cute.) 
 During our play-doh time I made some Ks to emphasize what it looks like and also a kite to encourage imagination.  
 K for kiwi! (yea pinterest!)
K for Kite--Alphabetize the kite string. He did not want to do it at all until I said he could jump on it when we were all done...he sped right up.
 I used wine bottle lids corks to do some dot painting.
 And, being that it's our last name, we had a lot of fun making k for king letters, coloring crowns/scepters, and dressing up as kings!

 We also did a Big K, little k tracer, a K for kite tracer, alphabet activity page, circle the Ks in the story, and my 3 year old practiced writing his name.


Date Wheel

 The idea of this date wheel is to pick six date options from the baggie, place them on the wheel and spin. You do the date that is picked. All the date ideas are something you can do at home after putting your children to bed, so a babysitter is not required. 
 I found a free printable here. Then I used that as a template to cut out decorative paper to make my wheel prettier and sponged the sides of the date options with blue ink. I laminated the circle, date options, and arrow and then attached the arrow with a brad leaving space for it to be able to spin. 
Makes a cute gift to give to your spouse for Valentine's/Anniversary or whenever.

Number 10

 We did a lot of counting through our LOTW Jj, but had some specific worksheets as well since it was our first number with two digits! We have been coloring a number each week in mix-matched order, and it was time to cut those out this week and we tried to remember the correct order as we glued (1-10).
Sticker book, Tracing Practice, Writing #10 on your own, Doggie Worksheet (numbers 9 & 10), Grouping worksheet. 


Fruits Colors, Vegetables Colors, Paint Colors Booklet, Things that are Orange, Color Sight Words.
Added to our Ice Cream Scoops and Colorful Caterpillar. (The kids are really starting to love adding to these.)


Homeschool Room Updated

For Christmas I was spoiled between my hubby and parents with a new homeschool classroom! I got a cupboard to lock up supplies (that the boys used to destroy every day when they woke up).
Our "work" station:
Reading/Puzzle Corner:
Creative Play:
This zone is more set up for the baby to keep him from escaping our same workspace:
TV time:
Art Station:
Nehemiah paints an octopus in his ocean mural.
Elijah doesn't have a vision for his; he just likes to paint. At the end, we decide it looks like a tree.


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