Simple Nativity

"For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord." Luke 2:11
Get the wood from the hardware store, the round heads/paint/yarn from craft store. Paint pieces, hot glue together after paint dries, wrap with yarn. 



Playdough fun with our oval shape and 50 cent garage sale tool finds! 
We also made an oval penguin and some bumblebees that were mostly made of ovals. I really tried to let my three year old put the pieces where he thought they should go...I was trying to let him look at the picture of how it was supposed to be and then glue it down like that on his page. I am such a perfectionist that I want it to be right, but the wings are totally wrong and I had to catch myself from helping, but I love it more that he did it all himself rather than me guiding him as he placed it down.
It has been a snot-nosed couple of weeks--can't seem to shake these boogies and sickness, but pushing through!


Number 9

Links: Sticker Book, grouping worksheet, writing practice worksheets #1 and #2, numbers 9 & 10 doggie bones worksheet, and #9 playdough play.


Letter Ii

Big I got stamped with an INK PAD and ICE CREAM stamp. Letter I minibook for short I words and matching practice, ice cream tracing page, circle the Ii's in the story, I for IGUANA, trace the I words, trace Big I and little i (no lines), color the objects that start with the long I or short I sound, alphabet activity worksheet, and Inny Inchworm (zoo phonics).
I for IGLOO: Colored the page, cut it out and then made an igloo with marshmallows...all of a sudden Isaiah (my 7 mo old) is at the table and going for the marshmallows--how did he know that those are yummy?! PS Elijah (2) also only participated in the eating of marshmallows...
Kept them going with marshmallows as we talked about long I for ICE CREAM and did another worksheet! We had ice cream for dessert that night too! 
Elijah was sooo excited about scissors so I was trying to teach him this week. He doesn't like me to tell him what to do though so here is his strategy: step 1-spread scissors with two hands and insert one hand into holes, step 2-hold scissors parallel to paper as you cut, step 3-set scissors on table after one slice, and step 4-rip the rest off!


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