Fall out Flip Book Tutorial

Here is a tutorial on how to make a falling out flip book.  It worked perfect here with the bridesmaids walking down the aisle because as you see the next page you are seeing the next thing that happens (or next girl coming).  This would also work well with another timeline event.  This would also be cute to make on its own as a memory book.
I first arranged the order I wanted the pictures to be seen in and set them aside (now you should know how many pictures you have to figure out the number of pages too).  The background paper, black here, is an 8 1/2" X 11" sheet cut length ways so that I could fit four pictures per half a sheet.  In the example there are nine pictures plus a title so I had a total of one and a quarter black sheets.  It's two pictures for every quarter page, or four pictures for every half a page.  You can choose any size of book you want, but I like this way because you maximize your paper usage and minimize where you see the paper connecting. 

Let's connect all of the black sheets before adding any pictures.  Line up the short sides of the background paper and adhere to one another.  We want where the seams meet to be behind the picture and out of sight.  In the wedding example all you will see is folds because the seam is either hidden behind a picture or is at the back, where we aren't looking, when you flip open the book.  Put the left most paper edge on top of the next sheet with about a 3/4"-1" overlap and adhere.  Repeat this with as many pages you would like to add (if you have to add only a quarter a sheet at the end, you can just overlap the last page--and fyi you shouldn't need extra length).  
Now, we want to fold at the very first seam.  The fold should be in the back at the edge of the second paper.  Then, the long sheet should rest on top of the first sheet.  Next, fold the following page the same way so that it folds at the back seam on top of the second page.  You just repeat the first step until all of your seams are folded.  Remember to keep folding inward or to the left though.
Then we open it length ways again and starting at the right most side folding the pages in half inward.

The last flap goes on top of the rest of the pages.
Now as you add your pictures make sure you do it in the right order as the flips fold out!  
Then add decorative rub-ons, tabs, titles, embellishments, or whatever you fancy!  Tie the same elements into your scrapbook page!

Result is clean-line, but you got a lot more pictures/memories in that page!  And what a fun way to remember the order everyone entered in!  Please feel free to email or post with any questions!


  1. oh...that is fantastic. What a great idea...love the fall out for the bridesmaids (keeping them in order) genius!

  2. Cool idea! Thank you for the instructions!

  3. Awesome job Melissa! Great instructions also.

  4. I've never added a flip book to an album - great idea - thanx for the inspiration and tutorial!


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