Letter Gg

 G is for Glasses!
 We did a lot of schoolwork outside as my 2 year old was also potty training...
 I found some things we printed, colored, laminated and hung on our homeschool wall...
 A train with the number by tens (10-100) and alphabet letters in the shape of an animal to go with our zoo phonics animals song (I didn't buy the program so I had to make up my own)...
 Here's Gg for "Gordo Gorilla (guh guh)":
 Most of the letters I found here, and the rest I searched the internet for a coloring picture related to the zoo phonics animal.
 Lots of letter tracing, a crossword, coloring the g objects, circle the g's in the story and g for grapes worksheet. We also had done our homeschool friends outing enforcing the LOTW.
  More letter tracing G and g!
 G for GLITTER! 
 The first time I had ever done glitter with the kids...needless to say---DISASTER everywhere. :)

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