My first Quilting Attempt

This quilt I made about a year ago.  My friend Lisa makes them and I think they are so beautiful and unique!  This one I have for my home.  I used several different kinds of fabric rather than just the typical quilting fabric (even the fancy home fabric).  There is quite a process: There are three layers (top is pretty fabric, middle is the soft n snuggly fabric, and last is a soft plain material).  So first, you cut each square (10"X10"), iron them, then you pin the three parts together.  Chose a thread color that ties the different patterns together.  Sew an "X" through the middle of each square and then sew the outer edges of each square with about 1/4"-1/2" edge (this really depends on how much ruffle you like at the end).  Then layout all of your squares on the floor/table to get the pattern you want for the end quilt result (this part is surprisingly time consuming because you really don't want the same pattern in the same row or in the same column or touching at any of the sides).  Then, being careful not to mix up the pattern (you can label each row and stack them); sew each row together.  Then each column.  Then take sharp scissors and cut along every edge of the squares about every 1/4" just up to the seam without breaking the seam.  Then wash and dry your quilt and the edges should fray.  I made another one for my sister's baby that turned out super cute too.  I will post it when I get a chance to take pictures of it.  Thanks!  Please comment of you have any questions!

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