Christmas Layout #3

Here's my next layout for my first year baby scrapbook!  It's Elijah's first Christmas and it marks the end of the pages I have to do for the winter holidays.  I am planning on doing an Easter layout next and then back to the classic pages like first doctor visit and such.  Yea! 
I loved this paper, the little jewels, and the cool black chipboard so it was kinda fun figuring out how to make it all go together.  
I did all of the pictures in these booklets held down by buttons.  You don't see too many pictures on the front so it looks pretty, but as you open the pages, you can see many pictures and journaling!
I'll do a little tutorial on this booklet since the opening was a little tricky, but it's a lot like my other ones.  You can find some on the scrapbooking page or look in the label: tutorial.
  If you missed it--make sure you check out Nehemiah's first Christmas page! It turned out so cute!!

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