Christmas Layout #2

 For the scrapbook album I am working on (my boys' "first year"), I wanted to add several of the photos I had from our first Christmas morning together. This page is dedicated to Nehemiah's first Christmas and the theme of it ended up being a calendar page.  So on one side you have the month and year and on the other the days of the month.  Under each day is a picture!
I really wanted to include the Christmas card we sent out that year because it's so cute!!  You can see my journal here too--I never have journaled with a drawn line before.  I tried it another way and this turned out really clean-lined and went with the page really well.  I also was excited to frame the page with a light stitch that gave the layout even more of a calendar page feel.
Here's the final layout: 


  1. Such a beautiful page, Melisssa! I love the way you framed the photo with the manger scene. Just beautiful!

  2. Melissa, The final layout is just beautiful! I love the calendar, so full of whimsy!!

  3. What a neat page!! Adorable:)


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