My Compost Bin

 Welp, I started my own compost bin!  I am pretty excited about and have already read my first composting book.  It's a little guy (maybe one foot tall and six inches wide), but just perfect for my learning pace... :)  Some things I've already added are veggie and fruit leftovers, egg shells, lobster shells, grass, leaves, a little bit of dirt, some weeds, and coffee grounds.  It's crazy how you'll be somewhere and think--man that would be awesome for my compost... haha!!  We were driving down a main road and saw some horse manure and I told my husband I could jump out and get it...he thinks that's weird.  I don't have any source of manure and the book I read talked about how important it is to have the manure to break down elements and make it a rich fertilizer for your vegetable garden or whatever, so I am hopefully that I soon come across a source of manure that would be easy to grab and go (and not be weird...)!  


  1. How wonderful that you make your own compost! GREAT!

  2. Hey gal! So, my neighbor back in Co. had an AWESOME compost barrel. And when I say awesome, I mean, like the coolest, hugest tumbling, above ground compost barrel I've ever seen! Anyway, all this to say that I have wanted to get one of my own for quite some time now, and think that your's is right up my ally. Where did you get it?

  3. Nathanael bought it off Amazon I think...


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