Flower Hair Clip

As a project for a mom's group I am involved in we made some really cute hair clips for girls.  These are a great gift or fun to keep!  We made one for ourselves and then we made several for an organization called Birth Choice.  They provide alternative options to abortion and provide support to moms during pregnancy and after baby comes.  We hope these fun gifts encourage some of those moms.  Here's a picture tutorial of what we did:
 Gather materials and cut out flower templates (search Google images or click here):
 Cut different fabrics for three sizes of flower (shown: jean and felt):
 Tie ribbon through button holes:
Using a hot glue gun, glue the three sizes of flowers on top of each other and then glue the button on top of the flowers:

For the clip on the back, to make it a little cuter and for more support, add a small piece of ribbon:
 Wrap it around the clip, and hot glue it shut:
Then glue the clip onto the back of your flower at the ribbon and the two ends:
  Here's a few more samples:


  1. wow, wie süß - perfekt für kleine girl's

  2. Very cute hair clips! They also look very simple to make after reading your picture tutorial! Now I have something else to make to use up three $1.00 bags of felt scraps I found at a thrift store. So thanks!

    PS Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. These are too cool! My daughter would have loved your group when she was young. These are just perfect for young girls and gifts too!


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