My first Tote/Bag/Purse

Here's my first attempt at making a handbag! I found this embroidered fabric in the remnants at the craft store half off the sale price and I got the interior fabric for free as a hand me down.  My very first thought when I saw the fabric was that it was so organic looking and would be so cute as a tote!  I made it to put some items in at a store or something, but it has turned into my official bag or purse.  I was carrying diapers around in a grocery sack wherever I went so that I would avoid overloading things into a bag, but I am trying to keep my tote to the minimal and it looks cuter than a plastic bag!  Hope you like it and hope to make more.  I know with each sewing project I learn more and more--it's definitely a hobby where you learn as you try!

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  1. This is beautiful, Melissa! What a great first handbag. Pretty amazing, actually! Take my word for it, sewing can be so rewarding and so creative. Go for it!


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