Halloween Layout #2

Here is my second Halloween layout for my boys' "first year scrapbook".  Check out my first layout here or scroll through the scrapbook section at the top to see what other scrapbooking I've been doing.  (or if that's not your thing---check out the other tabs as well!!)
I felt on these two pumpkin patch layouts, the pictures remind me of the day and there wasn't much journaling to do.  I did write some words on the tabs in the second page to remember all of the different events there though.  I just love taking my kids!  This was our second year and it's such a cool tradition!  Also, this pumpkin patch has an "How Tall This Fall" sign (which as you can see from the picture my son just loved...) and I thought--"ahh that would be awesome to scrapbook throughout the years!!!"  Do you ever feel like you agree to stuff because it would just be awesome to scrapbook.  I think that's why I'm going camping next month...
The picture of the group is me and my family, my sis and her family and our parents.  So fun being able to spend the day with them!  I have to say, I love this scatter method with the pictures. It doesn't thicken my scrapbook up as much as a flip book, but I still get a lot of pictures on my page.  I thought the fun business of the paper went well with the business of the pictures too.  It's so fun to have interaction when you're looking through a scrapbook too, I think anyways!!
Stay tuned for their cute costumes and trick or treating!  Ahh...I can't believe Halloween is only three months away... 


  1. wow ! way to get in sooo many related pics together ! awesome multi !!!

  2. Great layouts!! And I love how you figured out a way to get a lot of pictures on there. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!


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