Welcome! And Welcome Back!!

A new plant for the front porch sporting an awesome garage sale pot ($1)!!  It grows pretty white bushy flowers.  You can see one on the branch.  I feel like I've added another member to my front porch fam!
My parsley is back! Yea! How fun that something went away and now is sprouting again. I am a new gardener and this is my first time I've had a repeat.  What a funny joy I have about it :)
I couldn't resist showing another picture of my mixed flowers that are still growing in.  I love the variety even in the greenery!

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  1. Hey Melissa.....your plants look so happy......If they were at my house they would be dead!!! LOL...I have a black thumb in the worst way!!! ;) I wanted to THANK YOU so much for your awesome comment on my blog!!!!


Comments really let me know that I'm not just talking to myself here...Thank you!


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