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So I have been doing so many projects that I haven't had time to tell the world about them!!!  I am so excited for this project---a book to learn your colors--with pictures of you!!!  I made this for my niece, Ellie, who turned one this week.  It's a bit time consuming altering the pictures, but once you get the hang of it--it's awesome and so worth it!!
To see a video on how to pick up only a certain color in Adobe Photoshop and leave the rest black and white click here.  I also recommend checking out this one.  It's not the one I used, but the guy has a ton of awesome Photoshop tutorials and his way of bringing up one color is also pretty easy. 
After printing my pictures, I put them into a photo book (I found it at the store for about two dollars), and added some scrapbook letters to title the colors.
Black and gray were difficult colors to point out in a black and white photo so I edited them in the free downloadable program Picasa.  If you don't have it--I highly recommend it.  I chose the effect "focal b&w" on the black or gray parts from the picture so a little bit of color is around the black or gray item emphasizing the color.
I added the special wording at the beginning and end to add sentimental value.  This would make a great gift for kids and now you can just grab photos from someone's Facebook so you don't even have to ask for pictures!!  It would be cute to do as a combo color and favorites book too (a boy's favorite red car, his special blue blanket, his special brown bear...).


  1. This is such a cool project! Genius!

  2. This is adorable! I wish I was techie enough to do this......just the cutest thing and she will treasure it for all her life!!!

  3. Wow! How cool is this? You are so creative.
    What a clever idea for teaching Ellie her colours - she will love it.
    Caroline xxx

  4. What a wonderful idea! This is something she can keep and treasure forever.

  5. Oh, that is so cute. :)
    You know that she is going to love it!! They love to look at familiar faces and this is a great way to teach colors. I bet this will be her favorite book. She is a cutie!

  6. What an adorable project! Such a neat idea!

  7. What a cool project. I bet your niece will love it. She is s cutie too!

  8. WoW, this is gorgeous, Melissa!

    ¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•´ it!

    And so will Ellie!

    Sending hugs!

  9. What a darling project, LOVE love these photos, it is a GREAT idea!!!

  10. This is an absolutely adorable project and SO clever!!

  11. Adorable! You also have a beautiful niece. Projects like these are so special! :)

  12. arts & crafts is a fun hobby which i wish i had time to explore. your projects are really pretty!

  13. A lovely idea and nicely done. Great project.

  14. What an excellent idea and with such fantastic pictures! TFS

  15. What a brilliant idea and the finished result is gorgeous. xx


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