Thanksgiving Layout

This page was starting to be a pain in my side.  I actually started it a while ago and it's sat at my desk for months because I totally hated it! So I finally tore everything off the page and re-did it.  I love it now! It was fun to use this torn edge technique on a scrapbook page.
I made these year titles out of wire that I shaped to form the numbers.  I also made some of the flowers in the page by stacking different flower images (even tags) and adding a little bling to the top.  
For Thanksgiving this last year, we made little hand print turkeys to pass out...They say "Happy Thanksgiving! We are thankful for you!"  I tucked one into the side of the layout so that we could remember it.  I just cut a slit next to an image with an exact-o knife and taped a piece of paper to the back of the page to act as a pocket:
The final result:


  1. Your layout came out so good. I can tell lots of work went into it, especially having to redo it. It's fabulous.

  2. Gorgeous work Melissa. Love the detail.

  3. the distressing & dimensional details add so much to your overall design !


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