This week in the Garden..

As you can see many of the flowers I planted are springing to life and flooding the fountain with something other than water!  I am so excited and every day am seeing new sprouts--can't wait for blooms.  
My Forget-Me-Nots are started to plump up and some are really thriving with the heat we are getting.  However, sadly, some are browning a bit on the tips from the heat, and a couple of the little guys have totally fried up.  I was hoping to get a few more seedlings in the ground where there is a bit of bareness, but the stores have already moved onto Fall plantings! :(
Here is my oh so sad herb/veggie garden...The parsley on the left is coming in a bit, but not much and the lettuce that was growing in on the right is starting to fry in our heat.  I planted it just way too late in the Spring. Also, no signs of coming back on my oregano or basil and no sign of growth from the peppers or eggplant.  It might have been too late for them also and I know the soil in this pot is very fickle...eventually I will figure out what he likes..
An Ivy update: the new sprouting branch is so long! In case you didn't see him when he was first starting to sprout click here.  There's a picture down towards the end..probably about a 3-4 inch growth!  (He was my first baby)
Other gardening news: I am still finding tons of snails every day eating up my little flowers!  I noticed today that they like to hide in the hole of my fountain that would be the drain hole.  Little stinkers!!  :)  I also put some organic feed down for the seedlings and some quick start growth stuff I got from our local nursery. I hope it helps with the sun and my little pests...

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