Dad's BBQ Cupcakes

I saw this idea in a magazine and had to make them!  The "cupcake" is actually brownie which you make according to the package.  Then you use grey icing for the grill rack and sprinkles for the fire embers.  The steak is a tootsie roll I shaped and then added black gel icing with a toothpick for a grilled effect.  The hot dogs are hot tamales with the same black decorators gel frosting applied with a toothpick.  The skewers are toothpicks with dots candies for the pineapple, tomato, onion, and bell pepper, and taffy for the chicken. 


  1. Hi Melissa! Reading through your blog and you are making me hungry! These little treats however are so cool! I must give these a try sometime!!!

  2. Oh dear...and you garden too!! Melissa, I love your blog. What a wonderful collection of recipes, crafts, gardening, creative ideas you are sharing mixed in with great photos and excellent writing.


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