Snail Traps

After finding a snail farm and every day finding new snails in my flower beds and veggie garden, I have decided to take action.  I have set three different types of "organic" snail traps and have captured to date about 100 or so snails/slugs.  The snail trap that I have heard of before is to take a masonry jar, put it level with the dirt and then fill it with a little beer overnight.  This way works well with snails.  Some snails drown, but they might not all die and since they come out at night when it's cool you have to check on the jars early in the morning to catch more.  Another way I tried, my favorite, is a yeast mixture.  Same thing with the jars, but instead of beer you put a mixture of 1 cup water, 1 tsp flour, 1 tsp sugar, and 1/2 tsp dry yeast.  This is especially attractive for the slugs. I had about thirty slugs in one night.  This mixture is less likely to kill the pests so if you are into ridding them for good the best way is to step on them or crush them with a stick.  If you want the little guys to live, put them into your lawn clippings bag and they'll feast in there.  The last way I tried is by putting milk into the jars.  This really did not work at all and instead gave me another pest--flies.  

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  1. Great tip! If I ever find slugs about in my garden I am definitely trying the yeast method! For now, I have troubles with ants.


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