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I have been wondering about the best times to plant vegetables and herbs and found a few resources I thought would be helpful to share.  Click here for a webpage that is really helpful for planning.  It has a few worksheets you can use in planning your garden with different shapes of gardens.  It also has a worksheet for a veggie planning guide so you can mark in dates that you want to start planting each plant and some other cool advice. My favorite website I found was www.almanac.com where you will find a ton of great advice with even in depth info on specific vegetables/herbs and a frost chart for your specific location (I think it's the US states and maybe Canada too).  They also have general gardening advice about pests (as you know--my snails have been driving me nuts...) and recipes and all sorts of stuff.  They even have a seed swap!  I also have found some great gardening advice on www.about.com where you can search for a more specific answer to a particular question you have instead of getting general advice (although they give that too!).  I hope someone else finds this helpful too.  I just spent a few good hours downloading and printing stuff!  I think as you plant and grow you learn new stuff and you just keep learning...

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