Shapes HGO

 We start off with some shape sorting toys while we wait for the other mommies to arrive, but it turns out everyone's sick, so we start sorting our circle shapes onto the matching color plate.
 Alison talks to the boys about some shape matching on worksheets. The boys were really wild and did not want to sit and do work, but we encouraged them to listen even if they don't feel like it. (So I guess they learned about shapes and some behavioral stuff too this day...I originally didn't want to homeschool my kids because of issues like this, but the behavioral stuff is soooo much more important than shapes! We have a long way to go, but I love this process of shaping my boys' hearts.)
Alison has a cool shapes poster hanging from the chalkboard. She goes through all the shapes with the pointer and has the kids repeat the shape back to her. Then she points to a shape and has them say what it is. Then she says, "who can find the triangle?" and if they are sitting nice, raising their hand, they get to use the pointer and show her. 
 She read a book called Mouse Shapes and the boys ate rectangle crackers and circle blueberries.
 Alison had made cut outs of the shapes and put them in a little baggie for each child. As Alison called out a shape, the child looked in the baggie to find it, and raised it up into the air to show her. Each time they got more food...hehe.
 We walked down to the park and painted with shape cookie cutters. It worked really well and they were excited to pour glitter over their shapes when they finished.
 Lastly, we played this really fun running game. The kids stood at one end with cones and at the other end was more cones and a bunch more shapes cut out. Alison would blow her whistle and call out a shape. The kids would run to the other end and find the shape she had called, holding it up into the air. They would put it back down and she would blow the whistle again for them to run back to the starting point. They did this for about 20-30 min!

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