Letter Jj

So for the month of December we only worked on letter J. And by "only" I mean we did a lot, but I excused it as 'J for Jesus' month. :) haha I know I don't need an excuse for going off my one-letter-per-week schedule, but I like it anyway... 

 Here we are making pom-pom trees, encouraging counting and glue skills, encouraging the boys that these will be a special gift so they should do their best work. Below the boys are pine branch painting with the color we are on--orange. 
 Here we did longest to shortest Christmas trees, smallest to biggest baby Jesus, color baby Jesus the right color, and on the bottom left we sorted the people from the animals and glued them in the right box and before I could take a picture Nehemiah ripped them off the page!
 Snowman Pancakes!
 J minibook, cut and paste ordering alphabet letters, circle the J's, Nativity packet (sorting, counting, letter recognition, line practice), letter J and j tracing worksheets, letter J activity page, name practice (click here for a website that let's you make your own word tracing sheet), Jerry Jellyfish (Zoophonics)...
 J is for jelly bean: we glued jelly beans on our J, but the kids sneakily ate them before I could get a picture...
 Every day leading up to Christmas, we did something from our Advent calendar (click here to check it out...there's all sorts of links to really cool projects we did). A lot of those projects were homeschool-like, but had to do with Christmas stuff. I tried to remind my boys every day that our most special gift for Christmas is Jesus and his gift is why we give and why St. Nick gave and why they get three presents for Christmas (Jesus got 3 too) and etc. They were ridiculously excited about Santa and all the Christmas stuff we did. They loved doing a countdown and being able to do fun stuff everyday as a family (and so did I!) We were crazy busy, but being busy with stuff that matters is worth it. They loved seeing grandparents and aunts and uncles and friends so much during this month and I love seeing their love grow for their extended family. 

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