Letter Kk

 K for Kix!
 The boys are doing so much better with glue than when we first started. We have days where they don't follow any directions, but they are getting better at it! (Which gave me time to get a few cute shots of my baby swiping the cereal...he is so stinkin cute.) 
 During our play-doh time I made some Ks to emphasize what it looks like and also a kite to encourage imagination.  
 K for kiwi! (yea pinterest!)
K for Kite--Alphabetize the kite string. He did not want to do it at all until I said he could jump on it when we were all done...he sped right up.
 I used wine bottle lids corks to do some dot painting.
 And, being that it's our last name, we had a lot of fun making k for king letters, coloring crowns/scepters, and dressing up as kings!

 We also did a Big K, little k tracer, a K for kite tracer, alphabet activity page, circle the Ks in the story, and my 3 year old practiced writing his name.

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