I attempted sponge painting with the boys this week as we learned about triangles. Well, partly I was teaching them about triangles and I was also trying to teach them the skill of painting (aka don't just throw your sponge on the carpet Elijah...) 
 Nehemiah got a few sponges on the paper that took a triangle shape, but for the most part the papers were a big blob of paint! :) So I cut them out into a triangle shape when we were done...flexible right?!
 After two seconds of painting: "Uh...uh...wash..my...hands...mama..."
 Since it's October and we were going to the pumpkin patch soon, we talked about Jack-o-lanterns and triangle eyes and noses. We colored one and then did a worksheet where we made our own Jack-o-lanters. 
I love Nehemiah's colorful pumpkin..he is obsessed with NO WHITE! Elijah doesn't have that problem as you can see..
 A triangle fish (which works for staying on our board next week when we talk about "F for fish") and a triangle kite. The kite you were supposed to let them assemble the pieces to look like the picture given, but it didn't look anything like the picture so I helped a bit. This one might have been easier.
 And a few worksheets about triangles and the triangle section of our dino shapes workbook

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