Letter Dd

 Either I collect items that begin with our letter of the week or I have the kids walk around the play area and they help me find items. These are several D items we found. D for drum, dog (four of them since our NOTW is 4), doughnut, door, ...
 We covered a letter D in "dots" from the 3-hole punch.
 Nehemiah struggled with the difference between the lowercase d and the lowercase b in our letter hunt worksheet. There's an awesome WordWorld episode called Bed Bugs and the bugs sing a song: "A line then a circle is the letter b, a circle then a line is the letter d..." It really helped him figure out the difference. Lots of writing practice:
 This was a really cool worksheet where you have two words in a box and you figure out which is starting with the letter d. And another where you color only the things that make the d sound.
 Working on teaching how word searches go....kind of a frustrating task for me....
 We practice writing Dd on the white board, and then do some writing review:
 A few fun projects..coloring dog (from WordWorld) & dolphins, cutting out the letter Dd, made a D mini-book, and a duck.

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