Letter Ee

 Practicing letter Ee in shaving cream. Elijah needed to wash his hands right away...I figured out why he keeps asking this at messy project time--it's not because he doesn't like getting messy...it's because he wants to play in the water at the sink!!! OHHH!! 
 Stamped eggs and elephants onto our giant letter E this week:
E is for ELEPHANT!
(really cool info booklet on elephants)
(elephant toilet paper rolls)
(elephant story--circle the Ee's)
(writing practice and elephant picture to color)
 I also made this clothespin math/number game (free printable, then laminate). There are elephant pictures at the top and three numbers to choose from at the bottom. The child clips the correct number corresponding to the number of elephants...went over really well!!
And a few more fun E related worksheets to drive it home: 
 Cut/paste the letters A-E in correct order, that's E for eagle if you can't decipher the picture...
 ...writing practice E and e, E for egg, short e pictures, letter E dot to dot, ...
...crosswords with long e and short e, circle the words that start with the 'e' sound, ...
...using e inside words, and a color by number worksheet.

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