Polka Dot Cupcake Party Invitations

For my niece's first birthday, she had a polka dot party.  It was so cute with a bunch of round foods (like cheese balls, Oreo cookies, grapes, ...) and a ball pit (round balls!) and you were supposed to wear polka dots to the party and if you didn't than you got "polka dotted" with some round stickers!  For the invitation, my sister, my mom, and I made these invitations that looked just like the tableware. 
 The back read "Sweets, Treats, and Loads of FUN... Let's celebrate as Ellie turns ONE!" along with all of the party info and was printed on vellum paper.  Here was the picture from my head:
The original design:
And the mess we made:
Check out the awesome gift I made her as her gift here (it's a book to teach her colors).


  1. You definitely get the "BESTEST AUNTIE" award - these invites are delish, and so are the cake and cupcake to match in your earlier post! Looks like a good time was had by all!

  2. Super cute! As you know I love cupcakes too.

  3. Fantastic! Love the colours.

  4. these came out so cute & I LOVE the cupcakes you made & the sweet photos of your niece enjoying her polka dot cake!

  5. Bright, colorful, and fun! Love these!


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