Planes, Trains, & Automobiles Birthday Party

For my son, Elijah's, first birthday party, we had a planes, trains and automobiles theme.  The invitation looked like a ticket and all of the info like ticket number was the birthday boy's birth date.  The row, section, and seat number was "CHUG" "CHOO" "CHOO".  Then I made paper airplanes and tucked the blue ticket into the yellow paper airplanes.  Yellow and blue were the colors.

Some decorating things I did were: hanging paper airplanes from lights with a little patch of fiberfill clouds at the top, a black paper construction road with toy cars, homemade signs of planes trains and autos, signs around the house that look like real street signs, I collected toys that the kids already had that had a transportation theme and decorated tables with those, I put candy rocks in some truck beds, some runts in a farmer tractor, some milk duds in a dump truck, at the present drop of there was a sign that said "Cargo", at the goodie bags table there was a sign that said "Baggage Claim", a train that the kids could ride on, we had a sign that looked like a Driver's License where the kids could stick their head through and get their picture taken which I then had printed and mailed with the thank you cards which were a really cute picture of Elijah in a conductor's outfit.

For games we had an airplane throwing contest.  Prizes went to kids who had longest throw, shortest throw, throw closest to a particular target, ...  I was also going to play a game of musical chairs, but make it be musical bus and make the chairs look like a school bus and play "Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round..."  but it was too busy to play that game.  We also did a train pinata.  

In the goodie bags I had pull back cars, rubber duckies that were driving a car, a train or flying a plane, an airplane, a RXR package of roll up gum, coloring pages with a transportation theme,

See the cake I made here.

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