Mom's Group Card Project

For a mom's group craft project, I decided to make a couple of fairly easy cards so the moms can either use them or package them together as a gift.  
I got the sketch ideas from a blogger who makes clean and simple cards (but also super cute)!  
I cut all of the pieces for about 20 cards of each type.  I then put the little pieces to each card in sandwich bags and put all the rest of the pieces in a large freezer sized bag so it's all organized and ready to distribute.
I love how simple these cards were to make, but they are really cute too.


  1. Hi Melissa**Your blog is wonderful! I love everything, especially seeing the picture of my favorite Aunt Ginny! My Mom, sister, and niece are also crafters and they will be checking out your blog, too. I'm so glad we have "connected"!**Love, Cousin Beth

  2. Cute cards! I love clean and simple.

  3. Super cute cards! Thanks for following my blog and entering my give away. I am now your newest follower too.


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