Weather Unit

Many weather stories! We (me included) learned sooo much! I am loving learning alongside my kids. I don't know everything or much about what I am teaching so I learn it the night before, or as I am reading a book, or watching a video, and I just REPEAT the stuff! We do lots of fun videos and songs I find on YouTube and can stream onto the TV. 
What's the Weather?! It's Sunny! It's Hot!
Exploring shadows and the sun's movement:
What's the Weather?! It' Windy! It's Stormy! It's Rainy! Hurricanes! Thunder! Lightening! Tornadoes!
"I looked up into the sky and thought I saw a _____, but it was just a cloud!"
 My Weathermen!
   Weather Lapbook:
 Homeschool Friends Outing:
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