Summer: Beach in a bag craft, make ice cream, "Day at the Beach" sponge painting, playing in water (it is summer after all)
 Fall: Color on top of leaves with crayon to make leaf shape appear, leaf color match-up, leaf art, play with leaves in PlayDoh, fall pumpkin magnet pom pom play (we did stations with this one and the pattern blocks), scarecrow pattern blocks, raking fall leaves, make a scarecrow tp roll, fall leaf finger painting, finger-play and leaf songs found on youtube
We also did a fall sensory bin with items I collected around the neighborhood. The leaves were just perfect! The boys each had a magnifying glass and tweezers.
 Winter: Melting snowman booklet, color/cut snowman and name snowman with packing bubbles-painted snow, snowflakes made out of q-tips and coffee filters, roll-a-snowman, snow ball fight with cotton balls!, snowman sandwich lunch
 Spring: Make little bouquets in a muffin tin, bird nest cupcake holder, rain pictures
 Lots of paper work: the boys have a math workbook and K writing book. I was so proud of Nehemiah this week writing his first sentence! He also tried to write out rooster and I thought that was so cute. We also are still continuing the calendar everyday and starting our school day with several stories related to our subject. 
 Here's another look at our lapbook (or look here here here here), including some work we did that covered all of the seasons together:
We had our first co-op homeschool day. I think it went really well and I am excited for the consistency we are bringing to the group. We started off with a song (we will do the same one every meeting), introduced the behavior chart, made name spots for each kid, introduced the topic, read a book on the topic, did a craft project to make a seasons tree, then broke into stations. Fall: rake leaves, Spring: plant flowers into a pot, Summer: handprint sun painting, Winter: Snowman felt board, All: sensory bottles with different leaves for me to ask questions about the seasons and put them in the right order. Lastly, we did PE. We did different body control things like running, walking fast, walking backward, hoping on one foot, gallop, and limbo.

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