50th Birthday Party!

 While I love the "Over the Hill" theme for a 50th birthday party...my parents do not...so we went with a theme of "50" and kept our guests to immediate family only. 
 We had carrots and olives shaped in the form of a 5-0 and a yummy chicken fettuccine for dinner. 
 I found a bunch of pictures that were classic for the year and put my mom and dad's head in the place of the person who's picture it really was. The pictures go on a timeline so from childhood with the Morton salt girl ad to graduation to disco to Afro to Flashdance to wedding (teddy bears) to leopard suits to mullets to first baby in full 80s outfits to working suits with crazy hair to working around the house classic ad, to married with children to teacher outfit to man sitting at a desk to Buffy the vampire slayer to all of us looking like cats to traveling years as the statue of liberty and Hawaiian dancer to the partridge family to the incredibles family with grandkid pics to the Cullen family to represent the current age to old people in their rockers...
And a golf cake--making it to the 50th hole! (PS I tried a new fondant recipe that I hated.)

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