My Homeschooling Plan

Not sure if this is how it will end up going, but this will be my outline for homeschooling my 3 and 2 year old:
Weekly Lesson Plans
Week  1 – square/0 & 1/Aa 
Week 2 – blue/2/Bb
Week 3 – circle /3/Cc 
Week 4 – green/4/Dd 
Week 5 – triangle /5/Ee 
Week 6 – red/6/Ff 
Week 7 – rectangle/7/Gg 
Week 8 – yellow/8/Hh 
Week 9 – oval/9/Ii 
Week 10 – orange /10/Jj 
Week 11 – heart/11/Kk 
Week 12 – purple /12/Ll 
Week 13 – star/13/Mm 
Week 14 – pink/14/Nn 
Week 15 – diamond/15/Oo 
Week 16 – brown/16/Pp 
Week 17 – crescent & arc/17/Qq 
Week 18 – white/18/Rr 
Week 19 – cube/19/Ss 
Week 20 – black/20/Tt 
Week 21 – cylinder /21/Uu 
Week 22 – gray/22/Vv 
Week 23 – cone/23/Ww 
Week 24 – pentagon/24/Xx 
Week 25 – hexagon/25/Yy 
Week 26 – octagon/100/Zz 

1.     Post the new letter on your learning board and trace it in the learning book.  You can teach your child to trace the shape of the letter using their finger in pudding, finger paint, a shallow tray (cookie sheet) filled with rice or beans, etc.  Point out the letter of the week around the room and make sounds for letter.
2.    Put the number of the week on the learning board and trace it in learning book.  Introduce the number with the corresponding number of objects of your choice.  You may wish to use snacks such as crackers, cheerios, etc. to eat and count at the same time.  After you have counted the objects emphasize the written symbol and word for the number. 
3.    Put a picture of the shape on the learning board and trace it in the learning book.  Collect 3 - 5 everyday objects in the shape of the week.  Talk about each object and the shape with your child.    Walk around the house looking for more of this shape.   
3.    Show the color to be learned on the learning board and color in the learning book color spot.  Wear some article of clothing in the color you are learning, the day it is introduced.  Collect 3-5 everyday objects in the color of the week.  Talk about it and walk around the house looking for more of this color.  (Add the color to your meals by eating a food that color, eating off a plate of the week's color, etc.)
1.     Review learning board.
2.    Create a matching game with upper/lower case letters.  On one flashcard have the kids write the capital letter of the week and on another flashcard have them write the lowercase letter of the week.  As you have more letters line up the upper and lower case letters with the correct flashcard.
3.    Circle the LOTW worksheet.
4.    Trace LOTW worksheet.
5.    One additional LOTW worksheet.
6.    Sing ABCs and emphasize LOTW on alphabet chart.
7.    LOTW collage.
8.    Trace NOTW worksheet.
9.    Count objects in number chart.
10.  Sing a number related song.
11.  Create a counting sticker book for your child.  Prepare the book with a page for each number to be learned this year.  Write one number at the top of each page.  See the list of numbers below.  As you learn a new number each week, allow your child to place the correct number of stickers on the page for that number.
12.  Either on a worksheet or with objects, put different numbers in a group, and circle/point to the objects corresponding to the NOTW.
13.  Count objects with dot numbers worksheet.
14.  Color COTW in paint splatter workbook.
15.  Color fruit/vegetable book with coordinating COTW.
16.  One additional COTW worksheet.
14.  Trace SOTW and draw more.
15.  Color objects shaped like SOTW and not others worksheet.
16. One additional SOTW worksheet. 

1.     Make project based on Bible lesson.
2.    Color two pictures that are related to LOTW.
3.    Make project based on LOTW.
1.     Review learning board
2.    Trace LOTW worksheet.
3.    Any additional LOTW worksheets I found (1-3).
4.    Paste objects that correspond to the LOTW.
5.    Trace NOTW worksheet.
6.    Glue corresponding NOTW objects to number worksheet with boxes.
7.    Make NOTW and SOTW out of playdough.
8.    Create a matching game for your child.  Take 2 sets of 26 index cards.  On the first set write the numbers to be learned.  On the second set draw the appropriate number of shapes (using the shape of the week) or color scribbles (color of the week) and then count the shapes.  The first week you will show your child the number one card and the card with one shape/color scribble.  As the weeks progress you can have your child match up the cards correctly. 
9.    Any additional NOTW worksheets I found (1-2)
10.  COTW word trace.
11.  COTW common colored objects worksheet and any additional found.
12.  Caterpillar COTW sheet.
13.  COTW ice cream scoop.  
10. SOTW tracing and any additional SOTW worksheets (see Shape Tracers worksheet, Shape Book, Dino sheet, ….)
11. Play with objects coordinating to SOTW (blocks, plastic shapes, bubbles …)

1.     Color 2 pictures of LOTW.
2.    Make project based on COTW/SOTW.
3.    Make a collage from magazines pasting any objects found that are LOTW/NOTW/COTW/SOTW. (Can also use rubber stamps to make collage.)

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