In between each section of the kids workbooks is a sheet protector that I have things relating to that section. For the color section I have a book with all the colors we are covering (looks like splattered paint) for the kids to color. There is also a white ice cream scoop cut out. We will color the ice cream scoop the color of the week and add it to the cone hanging on the wall.
 The other thing we will do every week we learn a color is I have a little caterpillar that is made up of circles. We color the circle the COTW and paste it onto the caterpillar's body.
In the workbook, there are several worksheets that the boys have to work on. One that covers colors of different fruits and veggies and another that takes the COTW and has pictures of typical objects that would be normally found as that color. E has started to pick up on colors and I hope N is starting to recognize the word along with the color as a sight word.

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