Christmas Layout

Here's my first Christmas layout for my boy's "First Year" Scrapbook. I was so excited to keep it holiday themed, but also added some fun in there since it is a kid scrapbook.  
The titles:
The journaling: (woo hoo I took the time to actually do it on the computer!)
Some details:
The pictures:
I did a couple of opening photo books to add more pictures to my page....I mean...who doesn't take a million pictures at Christmas?!  I am planning on doing a tutorial on this one soon so stay tuned:
This next flip book is a fold out, and is awesome for timelines--here we are making Christmas cookies and you see the cookies unfold as you unfold the pages!  So fun!  Check out my tutorial here.
So that's picking out a tree and our traditions we do at Christmas....now just Christmas day to do!!

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