Letter Nn

 Wrote out our name that starts with N using a finger paint and shaving cream mix.
 N for needle (stamp) and N for nest.
 Mini Nn book, name page, write the missing letter page.
 Zoophonics: Nigel Nightowl.
 Mixed hair gel and food coloring in a ziploc and traced our LOTW and NOTW.
 We also practiced our letters on the chalkboard.
 And attempted to draw pictures of things that started with N...like nest...



 Rainbow Star!
 My 3 yr old cut out all of these shapes by himself and matched them to the shadow!
Our learning book is always a hit at the start of our week as we discuss the LOTW, NOTW, and Shape or Color of the week! We also did this follow the directions worksheet.


Number 13

 We practiced our NOTW with magnets. We had a 1 and a 3 and I asked which one went first. We tried 3 then 1 and saw it was different. We discussed that for a few minutes. 
 Tracing has not been very popular lately, but I am trying to encourage my 3 year old in the love of learning. He's digging the fine motor skills in our sticker book though!


Letter Mm

This week we came up with a lot of Mm words, wrote them on index cards, hung them up, and then took turns choosing a card to an activity with it. Since we were learning about the star-shape, we also starred our card when completed.
 M for Music.
 M for Magnets.
 M&Ms and Monkeys.
 M for Mmm Mmm Monsters.
 M for Mess! (I chose this activity--cleaning up an mmm mmm mess!)
 M for Marshmallows.
 M for Magnifying Glass.
 M for MOO! (For this activity, I had the boys find an animal that makes a sound that starts with M...Moo. They each found a cow, then ran around the house with it in their mouths.)
 M for Marbles.
 M for Mr. Potato Head.
 M and m tracing worksheets.
 M for Mouse.
 M for Mail. (We colored a picture and then sent it to relatives by mail.)
M for Market and M for Money.
 My niece joined the fun that day..
We also had M for Mommy, M for Mac and Cheese, M for Movies, and M for Michelle (auntie). We did some fun things with these too.


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