Letter Mm

This week we came up with a lot of Mm words, wrote them on index cards, hung them up, and then took turns choosing a card to an activity with it. Since we were learning about the star-shape, we also starred our card when completed.
 M for Music.
 M for Magnets.
 M&Ms and Monkeys.
 M for Mmm Mmm Monsters.
 M for Mess! (I chose this activity--cleaning up an mmm mmm mess!)
 M for Marshmallows.
 M for Magnifying Glass.
 M for MOO! (For this activity, I had the boys find an animal that makes a sound that starts with M...Moo. They each found a cow, then ran around the house with it in their mouths.)
 M for Marbles.
 M for Mr. Potato Head.
 M and m tracing worksheets.
 M for Mouse.
 M for Mail. (We colored a picture and then sent it to relatives by mail.)
M for Market and M for Money.
 My niece joined the fun that day..
We also had M for Mommy, M for Mac and Cheese, M for Movies, and M for Michelle (auntie). We did some fun things with these too.

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