Letter Ii

Big I got stamped with an INK PAD and ICE CREAM stamp. Letter I minibook for short I words and matching practice, ice cream tracing page, circle the Ii's in the story, I for IGUANA, trace the I words, trace Big I and little i (no lines), color the objects that start with the long I or short I sound, alphabet activity worksheet, and Inny Inchworm (zoo phonics).
I for IGLOO: Colored the page, cut it out and then made an igloo with marshmallows...all of a sudden Isaiah (my 7 mo old) is at the table and going for the marshmallows--how did he know that those are yummy?! PS Elijah (2) also only participated in the eating of marshmallows...
Kept them going with marshmallows as we talked about long I for ICE CREAM and did another worksheet! We had ice cream for dessert that night too! 
Elijah was sooo excited about scissors so I was trying to teach him this week. He doesn't like me to tell him what to do though so here is his strategy: step 1-spread scissors with two hands and insert one hand into holes, step 2-hold scissors parallel to paper as you cut, step 3-set scissors on table after one slice, and step 4-rip the rest off!

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