Letter Hh

 Nehemiah has 2 h's in it so we did name practice. HULA/HAWAII dancing.  H for 'Honey Horse' (zoo phonics). H for HUMPTY DUMPTY (read the story, did a painting worksheet, and colored a ton of small ones that we then put on the correct matching number wall). H for HOCKEY (color/cut/paste), HOCKEY SKATE (lacing as a fine motor skill), and H for HERMIT CRAB (did a dot-to-dot and visited pet store--trying to pump up the kids about them since they might find one under the Christmas tree!) 
H for HOUSE and HEART (painted our large H and a dot house with heart sponges). We also did a matching heart game. It was challenging my 3 yr old to get the concepts of same/different, smallest/biggest, before/after! Yes! 
 My kids basically didn't eat ANYTHING for a week...we had a cold, then flu...here Nehemiah is telling how he threw up last night...
 H for HALLOWEEN. It was right before so we did a ABC dot-to-dot (N really likes them).
 For my 2 year old who is a major scatter brain still, I talked to him about H for HAMMER and tried to get him to tell me which were the hammers from his tool set.
 Also, H  for HORSE (NEIGHHHHH!!)
Links to other worksheets we did: H for HELICOPTER, trace words that begin with H, H for HIPPO, circle H words by listening, circle H's in story, Big H and little h tracers (no lines), H words and tracer, H words mini book, and a cooool Hh worksheet with different concepts.

Like I said---we did a lot this week because Nehemiah has two h's in his name and he was really struggling to write it well!

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