Flower Update Pictures

Here's a look at my Forget-Me-Nots up close and personal!  I've been thinking that I might go buy another seed package and re-plant in some of the spots where it's kind of barren.  Some of them are getting so big...I am still hoping I don't just have weeds though...

So I have a couple of problems in my garden too... these pesky weeds keep popping up everywhere..there's a new one every other day!  

And SNAILS! I have been finding a new snail or two every day by my front bed and I don't want my new beautiful flowers I am planting to be destroyed! So I did a little discovering and hunting today and I found a little snail farm by my side fence!  Look at all these guys I picked up!  Gross... Then I tried to teach my son to say gross.. then yuck... it was cute (until he grabbed a snail! boys!)...


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