Homeschool Group Stations

One thing I remember about elementary school was the fun stations you got to switch to when the teacher rang a bell. You would get to the next one and see a whole new thing to explore. Not only will my kids not miss out on fun things like that because we homeschool, but we also get the pleasure of doing such fun things with friends who homeschool too! I love this group!
 We had three little tables set up with two different activities so the kids did a total of 6 stations for five minutes each. Tons of gross and fine motor skills practiced!

Station #1: Transfer water from a dish using different types of syringes and spoons into an ice cube tray. Eeboo Friendliest Bug Lacing Cards
 Station #2: Lacing practice.
Station #3: Shape Construction with Popsicle sticks.
Station #4: Puzzle assembly with math blocks.
 Station #5: Use tongs to pick up pom-poms and put in egg carton.
 Station #6: Get a glob of PlayDoh and hammer nails into it.

Letter Oo, Number 15, Diamond Week

 O for octopus (glued eyes for correct number), Hipp'O' paper bag puppets, circled Os, glued cheeriOs to our O letter, practiced name writing, and did some water coloring of numbers, the picture is of my mom who the kids call Oma
 Of course some O letter practice...
 Number practice...
 And shape tracing...
 Introduced P for next week (that's a playdoh penguin):


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