Creation Bible Lesson

We read from lots of great resources about our awesome God and the world He created mostly from Children's Bibles, but also from a couple other resources (I highly recommend this book and the rest of the four part series; the guy really knows his science but is centered around God. It's meant for older elementary kids, but I loved it just the same!) A few days the kids held stuffed animals or did puzzles (to go along with the day of creation) while they listened to the reading.

Every day we added a piece to our bulletin board that represented the day we talked about. For Day 1 we added a light and a dark paper. We also played with goop and talked about how the earth had no form. We then played with water and talked about how the earth was formless like the water. The boys painted a picture to make something (God didn't need paper and paint, He just spoke and He created!) Another really cool thing we did was painted the inside of a shoe box and poked a hole. The kids looked inside and saw "nothing" "darkness" to think about what it was like in the beginning. Then we poked another hole and shone a flashlight through it and talked about how now there was light in the darkness.
We made a picture book to show each day of creation as well.
I combined Day 2 and 3. We did a lot of talking about what happened on day 2 and did more interactive things for day 3. We painted the water on a round circle and came back later and walked on it with green paint on our feet for land. We did a nature hike and found many different plants, trees, bushes, flowers, rocks, etc... that God made. 
We also did a fruits and veggies treasure hunt. I hid the play food in the backyard and the kids had to find one at a time, bring it back to me and tell me what it is called.
I got a bunch of free worksheets about creation from a homeschool event so we worked on those, sang a song about the days of creation adding to it each day, and did a really cool drawing lesson. You do the drawing in two parts. Part 1 is on days 1-3 of creation and Part 2 is on days 4-6 and you add to your picture from part 1.
Day 4 we did some writing practice with verses that talk about our Creator of the stars and moon and sun! As an art project we practiced how to draw a star and did some sponge painting of stars, the moon, and the sun. 

We had our first field trip! Day 5 is water animals and birds so we went to the pet store to see all different kinds of fish/turtles/eels/crabs... and birds!
Day 6 we added land animals and people. We talked about how there are many types of animals and the uniqueness of humans. We tried building things with Lincoln Logs and with Mr. Potato Head. We colored a picture of ourselves with our special features and did fingerprinting
Day 7 was a day of rest so we talked about how God modeled an example for us and that we need to make sure we take time to rest our bodies. We did review of all of the days with a printout and a fun creation days snack. 
We did a day-by-day egg carton creation project, adding items we had around the house related to the day of creation. Here's how our bulletin board looked by the end of the week:


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